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Qixian Tongbang chemical fills the gap of neopentyl glycol industry in Henan Province

"the whole project has entered the final stage, and will be officially put into operation in January next year. After being put into operation, it will fill the gap of neopentyl glycol in our province." On December 8, in the production workshop of Qi county Tongbang Chemical Co., Ltd., Lu Guilin, general manager of the company, said happily to

broad market prospects

"as the company's leading product, neopentyl glycol is widely used and has a very good market prospect. At present, the United States, Japan and other developed countries are committed to the development of new application fields of neopentyl glycol." Lu Guilin said that the products are mainly used to produce unsaturated resins, polyester powder coatings, oil-free alkyd resins, plasticizers for polyurethane foams and elastomers, synthetic plasticizers, surfactants, insulating materials, printing inks, polymerization inhibitors, synthetic aviation lubricant additives, etc. Under the influence of the financial crisis, environmental protection coatings such as powder coatings and high solid component coatings with neopentyl glycol as raw materials are still developing rapidly. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the application field of neopentyl glycol is still expanding

it is understood that neopentyl glycol in the mainland of China has been in short supply and has been dependent on imports for a long time. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automotive industry, the automotive industry has an increasing demand for high-grade powder coatings, resulting in a sharp rise in neopentyl glycol consumption. According to the prediction of authoritative experts, neopentyl glycol in the mainland will still be in short supply in the next few years

in 2008, Qi Xinghe group, the parent company of Tongbang chemical industry, decided to invest 180million yuan in the production of neopentyl glycol, planned to produce 20000 tons of neopentyl glycol annually, and built workshops in October of that year. The project enters the closure and failure, including the complete loss of the original function; At the stage of function decline and serious damage or hidden danger, after more than a year of intensive construction, the whole project is currently in the process of finishing

on the morning of August 8, I walked into the main production workshop of the company, which is 72 meters long, 27 meters wide and five floors high. In the workshop, more than 20 reaction kettles in the shape of silver boilers, centrifuges, metering tanks, scraper machines and numerous pipelines occupy most of the space. More than a dozen workers, some cutting sheet metal, some welding pipes, crackling sound of percussion

"this complete set of equipment with a value of more than 40 million yuan has been installed since June this year, which has been widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, plastic rubber, ceramic building materials, metal materials, construction engineering and other industries. At present, the installation has been completed. These workers are busy with pipeline insulation, equipment corrosion prevention and other finishing work." Lu Guilin looked at the giant that was about to be completed and said happily that they would test it at the end of the month to ensure full production in January next year

led by Lu Guilin, he walked out of the main workshop and came to the northern part of the company

"how did the big hole here fill up when I came to interview for half a year?" Asked curiously

he told that this area was an underground tank farm, and several tanks were buried in the pit. The two tanks standing in the West are the inner area of the aboveground irrigation Park, which are mainly used for storing raw materials. At present, the final anti-corrosion procedure is also under way. At present, the raw material workshop and sewage treatment plant have been completed, and the sewage treatment plant is speeding up the installation of equipment. In the south of the main workshop, the product warehouse on the east side has been completed, the production office building on the west side has been decorated, and some laboratory instruments in the production office building have also been in place, which can be put into use

advanced technology strengthens confidence in development

if you want to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. "The project adopts the patented technology of Shandong Institute of chemical industry, which has the characteristics of higher purity, more transparent color, less energy consumption and less pollution." Lu Guilin is full of confidence in the competitiveness of their production technology. "During the production process, chemical reactions can occur under normal pressure, abandoning the pressurization procedures in other technologies, greatly reducing the consumption of energy."

as for whether the surrounding people are concerned about environmental pollution, he explained that the project is mainly water pollution, but they invested more than 4 million to build a sewage treatment plant

the sewage produced in the production process is treated and recycled. In order to further reduce pollution, they also installed dust and odor removal equipment in the production workshop, striving to achieve zero emissions

he has firm confidence in the future of the company. He said, on the one hand, under the influence of the financial crisis, some uncompetitive production enterprises have closed down, and Tongbang company seized the opportunity of low market prices last year to carry out low-cost construction of projects and purchase of raw materials, improving its competitive advantage. This alone saved about 5million yuan in costs; On the one hand, since June this year, the market price of neopentyl glycol has gradually rebounded, with a price increase of more than 5000 yuan, and this upward trend will not change in a short time. It is estimated that after the project is put into operation, the average annual income is expected to reach 350million yuan, the profit will be 32million yuan, the new tax will be 24million yuan, and the total profit and tax will increase the economic benefit by 56million yuan

not only the economic benefits are considerable, but also the social benefits are not small. Lu Guilin said that after the project is put into operation, it can also drive the development of transportation, construction, packaging, communication, power, finance and other industries. It is conservatively estimated that it can drive these industries to increase their income by 50million yuan per year. In addition, after all the projects are put into operation, more than 2000 jobs can be added

at present, nearly 100 of the first batch of workers have completed pre job training and are gearing up for production at any time

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