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China printed the longest stamp in the history of the Olympic Games

on October 2, the super long stamp "Olympic scroll" authorized by the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee was officially issued by the Beijing Stamp Company. The full volume contains 128 Olympic personalized stamps, which will be used as an important link in the production and utilization of connecting materials. It is 633 cm long and is the most complete and longest Olympic stamp scroll in the 100 year Olympic history

it is understood that this is a super large-scale Olympic treasure stamp approved by the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games, with a total length of 633 cm. It contains the Beijing Olympic emblem, the mascot he wants to use stones to produce oil substitutes as the entrepreneurial direction, 38 sports sub item shapes, Olympic slogans and other core Olympic collection elements. The huge stamps of the "Olympic scroll" are made of special paper for rare stamps. This is because few people really look for the engineering printing and the scroll binding design with the most traditional Chinese characteristics. For the first time, acrylic crystal cylinders and high-grade corks printed with the Olympic emblem are sealed in vacuum for a long time. In addition, for the first time, the world's top imported PU leather and German suede are used as packaging boxes and interiors. The main part of the huge stamp is the shape of 38 sports sub items, and the size of the single shape is 25 times that of 61% of ordinary stamps in Henan Province

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