Hottest CHINApRINT2005 becomes the largest in Asia

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China print 2005 has become the largest printing exhibition in Asia

the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China print), hosted by the China printing and equipment industry association and the China International Exhibition Center Group, has been successfully held five times since 1984, once every four years. In 1988, the Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition was recognized by the Federation of international expositions (UFI). Beijing international printing technology exhibition is the largest and oldest printing exhibition in China, and is recognized as one of the world's six largest printing exhibitions. The Sixth China print 2005, which was held at the China International Exhibition Center and the national agricultural exhibition hall from May 11 to 15, 2005, will become the largest exhibition in Asia

the 6th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition has the following characteristics

1. Large scale

this exhibition occupies all the exhibition halls of the International Exhibition Center and the national agricultural exhibition hall, 84000 square meters, and will become the largest printing exhibition in Asia; About 800 exhibitors; The audience reached 120000

the booth area of this exhibition is larger: Shanghai Electric Group Printing and packaging Co., Ltd. 6000m2; Heidelberg 4629m2; Beiren group company 4335m2; Lianqiang group 1224m2; Multivariate digital printing technology industry (China) Co., Ltd. 11 so many products need to be tested strictly before leaving the factory. After 00m, it is more convenient for experimenters 2; PKU Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. 936m2; Roland (China) Co., Ltd. 600m2; Gaobao 552m2; Komori 550m2, etc

2. Strong internationalism

more than 800 manufacturers from more than 20 countries such as Germany, the United States, Britain, Italy, Japan, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Israel, India, as well as mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong participated in the exhibition. The booth area of overseas exhibitors accounted for about 40% of the total area

the organizers held chinaprint 2005 press conferences and promotional activities in the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa and other countries, as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places. Professionals from more than 50 countries are expected to participate in this exhibition

3. Strong comprehensiveness

Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition has many categories, complete exhibits and many related activities. Exhibits include: prepress processing system, printing equipment, post press processing equipment; Lithography, flexographic printing, gravure printing, silk printing, inkjet printing equipment; Printing plate, ink, paper and other supporting equipment; Office automation equipment, paper products processing equipment, special printing equipment, advertising production equipment and equipment; Testing instruments, printing automatic control equipment, etc. The exhibition also set up a "printing and publishing boutique Museum" to show the high-level printing boutiques and the image and style of printing enterprises that the company's technicians decided to develop a set of quality management system by themselves

during the exhibition, the organizers carefully organized a series of related activities, including "International Printing Development Forum", "Information Conference on the latest achievements of CTP plates", "dialogue between Chinese and foreign digital printing status and future development trends and CEOs", "international Flexo Printing Technology Development Summit Forum and international technology exchange meeting", "international gravure printing new technology development seminar", "2005 China Pharmaceutical Packaging Summit Forum" "International label printing technology forum", etc

in order to increase the cultural atmosphere of this exhibition, the Chinese Printing Museum and the German Gutenberg Printing Museum will display the invention and development history of ancient printing technology. The exhibition of the museum will enhance people's understanding of printing history and ancient printing technology, and make the printing industry technology more closely combined with the development of Chinese culture

4. Wide space and time

this exhibition is not limited to exhibition venues and exhibitions during the exhibition. The application of network technology enables the exhibition to span space and time, break through the limitations of time and region, and fully reflect the characteristics of the information age

more than a year before the opening of the exhibition, the association of Indian industry and Commerce established a special station to start a comprehensive report on the exhibition dynamics and relevant information, provide registration, download relevant materials, release exhibitors' information, provide free services for exhibitors, Download exhibition materials for the media, and provide pre registration services for visitors

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