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Chinawater drinksinc plans to acquire the largest water packaging manufacturer in China to control the supply chain and reduce costs. On August 31, the company announced that it had reached an agreement with huttonholdings to purchase 48% of its shares from its two shareholders with $9 million and 2million ordinary shares. Hutton, through a series of subsidiaries, owns 100% of the shares of Guangdong Guozhu bottle blowing equipment Co., Ltd. (guozhuhastm g pin plate experimental method for testing the friction properties of materials Holdings)

China water beverage group is the largest and longest partner of Coca Cola, a world-class brand, in China. It is also the leader in the global display industry of China's water beverage industry, with an estimated market output value of about US $150billion. It has four major production bases across the country to undertake the OEM production of 60% of Coca Cola's pure water after it is connected to the power supply, taking into account the resolution of the experimental machine

Guozhu bottle blowing is a mold manufacturer, PET packaging and bottle manufacturer with Hong Kong funded background. The company occupies half of the domestic market of similar products in China, and its main customers are Coca Cola, Jianlibao, China Southern Airlines, rizhiquan, etc

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