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China will invest 8million US dollars in Indonesia's textile industry according to Indonesia's "business daily" on November 30, a few days ago, Frankie of Indonesia's investment Coordination Committee said that Indonesia's labor-intensive industries still have development potential, and Chinese investors are interested in investing in the textile sector, which is expected to reach 8million US dollars. At present, in the textile industry, Vietnam is Indonesia's main competitor to attract foreign investment. According to the data of the financial times, From 2010 to September 2015, with the accelerated withdrawal of capital, the rise in raw material prices transmitted to end products, and the increasing tide of unemployment, China invested $470million in Vietnam's textile industry, creating 12280 jobs, while China's investment in Indonesia was mainly concentrated in metal smelting and construction. In the past five years, China invested $5.3 billion in Indonesia, covering 12 engineering projects and attracting 5906 workers. To this end, the Indonesian government will continue to improve the investment environment. You are welcome to pay attention to our investment environment. The designer of SABIC said that ULTEM resin is very suitable for covering machine clothes and 3D printing, especially in labor-intensive industries, including the textile industry. It will issue economic measures and provide wage certainty

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