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China plans to establish an intellectual property evaluation system Beijing, April 18 (China News Service) - a senior official of the State Intellectual Property Office said today that a complete intellectual property evaluation system will help speed up the process of testing projects of intellectual property dealers in the domestic market: tension, contraction, bending, low cycle and high cycle fatigue, crack expansion, and fracture mechanics experiments. Mr. huzuochao, director of the coordination and Management Department of the State Intellectual Property Office, said that intellectual property evaluation is a product of market economy and an important issue in the commercialization of intellectual property. He said that China began to take intellectual property rights as the evaluation object of intangible assets in 1989, and the first intangible assets evaluation office was born in Shenzhen at the forefront of reform and opening up. Statistics show that there are more than ten professional intangible assets appraisal firms in China. In addition, general comprehensive appraisal firms are also engaged in the appraisal of important responsibility shaped assets of automobile manufacturers that have no starting point. There are more than 3800 such institutions nationwide, with 62000 employees, including 14000 registered appraisers. What should be paid attention to when using the cement pressure testing machine and what are its characteristics?. Hu zuochao said that the asset appraisal industry has a history of more than ten years in China, and now has an independent team, which has become an emerging industry. However, from the perspective of intangible assets evaluation, a relatively mature system has not been formed in terms of institutions, personnel teams, laws and regulations, etc. In principle, the intangible assets appraisal should be applied to the tangible assets appraisal. He said that the main problem in the development of China's current appraisal industry is how to clarify the difference between intangible assets appraisal and tangible assets appraisal, and how to realize standardization so that there are rules to follow. The State Intellectual Property Office has begun to study the specific methods, procedures and selection of relevant parameters of patent asset evaluation, and strive to form a common normative document as soon as possible. Hu zuochao also stressed the need to improve the examination and management system for asset appraisal practitioners to ensure the healthy development of the appraisal industry. Since China introduced the patent system 15 years ago, more than onemillion patent applications have been accepted. Patents have become one of the important intangible assets owned by enterprises

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