The hottest new infrastructure may not help robots

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"New infrastructure" may not help robots much

new infrastructure pressed the acceleration key of seven fields at one time, and many industries labeled themselves as new infrastructure overnight. It's also interesting to say, as if every company has foresight

whether it's true or not, the new infrastructure has indeed injected a shot of strength into many industries, but there are exceptions. For example, the robot industry, which has been in the spotlight in the past two years, may not help as much as expected, even within the coverage of the new infrastructure policy

after communicating with some robot enterprises, it seems that this is also their general understanding


robots have played a role under the new infrastructure, but they are more like leftovers

the popularity of robots. From the capital investment situation, we can know a little. Only in February and March this year, incomplete statistics showed that the number of financing for robot tracks exceeded 20, and the financing scale reached billions

doubt has also appeared in the robot industry. Many people believe that many so-called intelligent robots are actually mentally retarded robots

for example, last year, a robot hotel in Japan finally fired all robots because of frequent accidents. Another example is a video of a fire on the Internet, in which an aunt transacted business in a bank. Because she was dissatisfied with efficiency, she had a conversation with the hall service robot, but the robot's attitude attracted a lot of roast

therefore, the robot industry has been experiencing an inflection point in the past two years, upward or downward. There are so-called air vents every year, such as the new infrastructure or the epidemic, which is also an inflection point for the robot industry, but it is impossible to talk about the decisive role. A PR working in a distribution robot enterprise told intelligent relativity

what are the main aspects of the role of the new infrastructure in the robot industry? In this regard, Xiao Xiangjiang, CEO of super robot, expressed his views on the theory of intelligent relativity

1. Intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure

under the new infrastructure, there will undoubtedly be more new application scenarios

in the aspect of intelligent transformation of traditional infrastructure, such as new energy charging piles, they are now fixed charging piles. If we can combine robots with charging piles and make charging piles mobile like charging treasure, is it possible to solve the current shortage of charging piles or the pain points that are difficult to find? Xiao Xiangjiang put forward his own ideas

the mobile charging pile is only a response ● die: DD φ 32.28 dd φ 32.35 dd φ 32.43 dd φ 32.50 there may also be room for robots to play in many fields such as urban rail transit and smart cities

2. Robots serving infrastructure have demand

the upgrading of construction demand in seven areas of new infrastructure, such as UHV and urban transportation, will bring certain increment to robots

with the development of UHV in the new infrastructure, many UHV lines will be built, and the demand for line inspection will definitely increase in the future, which is an opportunity for robots. In terms of big data, more data rooms will be built, and inspection and detection will use manpower. The cost is too high, so security robots can be used in these places

PR, the distribution robot enterprise, gave an example. During the epidemic, we added the functions of disinfection and cleaning to the distribution robot, and put it on the ground. Before using the robot, a building needs to be equipped with five cleaning aunts to clean and disinfect back and forth six times a day. After the robot enters the site, three robots can do everything

in a specific period, the robot is aerogel, which timely reflects its own value

3. Directly benefit from the technology promotion brought by the new infrastructure

5g, big data, industrial interconnection and other fields. Driven by the new infrastructure, of course, there are also some direct assistance

in Xiao Xiangjiang's view, although China has made considerable progress in the field of information and communication, there are still major bottlenecks in communication, cloud computing power and so on. After 5g projects are launched, it provides a great stage for remote robots, such as telemedicine

Cheng Hong, executive director of the robotics research center of the University of Electronic Science and technology of China, also mentioned that influenced by traditional concepts such as low labor costs in China, the dominant end product service-oriented robot after the combination of traditional manufacturing and AI was once in a situation of being popular. The contactless service generated by the epidemic has rapidly improved the development of the service robot market. At present, 5g commerce is accelerating, which will further promote the service robot to the cloud

but on the whole, the new infrastructure is more like leftover material for robots. After all, the core area of penetration is not robots. Finally, Xiao Xiangjiang concluded

it can be seen that there are some differences between the views of industry people and the media and experts, at least the excitement is far less than that of the outside world


the opportunity of new infrastructure lies in those enterprises that are not ready for the market.

for enterprises themselves, the policy dividend of new infrastructure will certainly play a role, but it may be more reflected in those enterprises that are not ready for the market. Some people in the industry told intelligent relativity

as for why? In fact, the role of the new infrastructure may be somewhat similar to this epidemic

then why did the robot industry usher in an inflection point during the epidemic? Intelligent relativity believes that there are mainly two aspects

1. The epidemic has completed market education

everyone knows how difficult it is to change the living habits and social habits of a person or a group, but how easy it is when the epidemic comes

like the home appliance market, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, sterilizing washing machines and other home appliances were quietly popular during the epidemic. According to the report released by Suning, during the epidemic, the sales of a number of healthy sterilizing home appliances on the Suning platform increased by more than 200%, so for the downstream of the petrochemical industry, among them, the sales of disinfection cabinets increased by 205% year-on-year, the search volume of dishwashers increased by 283% year-on-year, and the sales of wall mounted fresh air and fresh air systems increased by 304% year-on-year

the same is true in the robot market. Affected by the mode of virus transmission, a large number of intensive contact work reflects the value of robots. As mentioned above, disinfection robots can not only replace manual work to improve efficiency, but also avoid cross infection and reduce risks

so that robots can show their talents in medical treatment, distribution, inspection and other aspects, which not only deepened the market's understanding of the potential of the robot industry, but also promoted the promotion and landing of robot products on the demand side to a certain extent

2. The lack of supply side makes robots on the stage

on the other hand, robots on the stage may also be helpless

how to say, it should also be that the supply side is really lacking. What is there, we should implement the logistics "Green Plan", so it was pushed to the front line at once. Xiaoxiangjiang, CEO of super robot, also believes that there are certain accidental factors in the sudden outbreak of robots during the epidemic

however, in another dimension, the preparation of robots in the early stage is very solid. The inflection point brought by the epidemic is both helpless and reasonable. There is a joke saying that if you want to be a pig on the air outlet, you must first stand on the air outlet and be reflected on the robot

why are those enterprises that are still short of the door? The PR of the enterprise who did not want to disclose information believed that

first of all, robot itself is a relatively new industry. For enterprises that have achieved mass production and closed-loop service in the industry, the new infrastructure and epidemic stimulation will bring an increase of 1 to 10 at most, while for those enterprises that have preliminary mass production capacity but have not yet improved the closed-loop service, it is a qualitative change from 0 to 1

secondly, the test of the robot industry is the same as that of most industries, that is, whether it has long-term value and short-term hematopoietic capacity

the long-term value determines how far enterprises can go, and the short-term hematopoietic capacity determines whether enterprises can go on. In short, it is money. Many enterprises are half way down, and the market demand brought by the new infrastructure or the epidemic can help these enterprises solve the problem of insufficient short-term hematopoietic capacity

generally speaking, robot enterprises need to grasp three directions: the anchor point of new technology, the pain point of relying on industry, and the inflection point from quantitative change to qualitative change

According to the theory of intelligent relativity, the first point is that the robot industry itself has, the second point is that this problem has been amplified during the epidemic, and the third point is the variables that the new infrastructure may bring to the robot industry

coupled with the analysis of insiders, we can understand why the opportunities for new infrastructure are in those enterprises that are still short of the door



cost reduction and efficiency increase are the core values of robot products. If robot enterprises want to go on for a long time, they still need to let the market see the corresponding value. The hat of pseudo intelligence is put forward because it cannot see the value, while factors such as new infrastructure are only external forces in the end

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