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With the arrival of the new infrastructure era, smart street lamps have broad prospects for development

] it is reported that recently, in order to promote epidemic prevention, Zhejiang Mobile will not measure the construction of 5g network during the period, and set up the country's first 5g+ smart street lamp charging pile in Zhoushan Dinghai kaihong square. On the basis of intelligent lighting, video monitoring and information interaction, the product set adds new functions of 5g communication and car charging, realizing the sharing, intensification and overall planning of resources

at present, with the trapezoidal lead screw to build and promote urban development, it has been included in the important work category of the country. As an important port for building a smart city, smart street lamps have also become popular products. During the epidemic prevention and control period, smart street lamps play an important role

in order to effectively solve the shortage of people with the highest epidemic prevention history and the low efficiency of manual temperature measurement, avoid cross infection of people, and help local information-based and accurate epidemic prevention, screen enterprises and Internet enterprises speed up research and development. The human body temperature detection system equipped with infrared light dual sensor equipment on the smart street lamp can automatically detect people with suspected fever in the crowd through infrared thermal imaging and face recognition technology, and automatically lock Alarm and face capture collection, and timely transmit the data to the epidemic prevention and control command center to provide big data support for epidemic prevention and control

in addition, through the built-in speaker and scroll screen, we can popularize the knowledge of sidewalk safety, traffic safety, urban management reminder and so on, and improve the safety awareness of citizens

the arrival of the new infrastructure era will accelerate the construction process of smart streetlights. From several aspects, the smart streetlight club is the direct beneficiary of the construction wave in the G era, which requires operators to strictly follow the correct operation guidelines

judging from the current market size, 5g base stations have the need to use high-frequency communication and high-speed capacity, making the 5g era require a large number of small base stations to complete more dense network coverage. At present, China Mobile has carried out 5g network construction in more than 300 cities across the country, and has built more than 40000 5g base stations in more than 50 key cities. However, the 5g base station built at this stage is still far from filling the demand gap

from the perspective of the advantages of smart street lamps, as the infrastructure of the city and the nervous system of the city, the lamp poles are densely distributed. The intelligent transformation of traditional street lamps is in line with both meeting the space demand and reducing the relative cost; Secondly, smart light poles are the natural carrier of 5g micro base stations in terms of height, spacing, power supply matching, safety and management

from the perspective of policy environment, in 2019, the state issued the implementation opinions on promoting the co construction and sharing of telecommunications infrastructure in 2019, which proposed to encourage basic telecommunications enterprises and iron tower companies to intensively use the existing base station sites and public facilities such as street light poles and monitoring poles, and reserve 5g station site resources in advance

local governments have also issued relevant policies and plans to support the construction investment of smart light poles and realize the integration of multiple poles. For example, Shenzhen will carry out the multi pole transformation of about 240000 road light poles, and the preliminary calculation cost will be as high as about 50billion yuan; The smart city (smart street lamp) construction project in Shuangliu District of Chengdu has an investment of about 300million yuan. The construction content mainly includes about 14000 columns of smart street lamps and supporting charging piles, etc

in the future, with the acceleration of smart city construction, all street lights in the city will be gradually replaced by 5g smart light poles. Smart light poles integrating multiple functions will be given more functions, bringing intelligent experience to scene applications and becoming a novel symbol of smart city

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