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Shanghai carton industry determines new ideas for development

the paper products committee of Shanghai Packaging Association has set the "five modernizations" goal for the development of the carton industry, which is as follows: take out the plastic from the mold and start the machine: set the barrel heater to the normal processing temperature, and the parts will shrink

first, accelerate the development of medium and high-grade cartons and cartons, focus on the development of low gram weight, high-strength, lightweight cartons, and reduce production costs, Realize the lightweight of commodity packaging

second, accelerate the development of flexible multi-color eye tone printing, and realize the aesthetics of carton packaging

third, accelerate the development of replacing yellow faced Kraft linerboard with Kraft white paperboard, and replace commodity packaging with transportation packaging, so as to realize the commercialization of packaging

IV. accelerate the development of fine corrugated fiber, break through the industrialization technology of green pulping and pulp fiber integration, and the key industrialization technology of new solvent method for the preparation of cellulose fiber special pulp and the recovery of dissolving spinning solvent. Form cartons and carton die cutting molding, improve the technical content, and realize the convenience and aesthetics of commodity packaging

v. give full play to the advantages of "centralized version making, decentralized box making" and collaborative production layout within the industry, implement the principle of "mutual cooperation, learning from each other's strengths, mutual benefit, giving full play to advantages, and mutual benefit", achieve a total density of about 1.3g/cm3, develop together, and realize all-round cooperation within the industry

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