Cause analysis and troubleshooting of the electric

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Cause analysis and troubleshooting of electrical part of plastic injection molding machine

1. No control power supply

2. Fuse failure or burnout

3. The motor stop button is in the self-locking position

4. The manual and automatic transfer switches are in the automatic


5. Overload guarantee is in the off position

6. AC contactor failure

motor failure

1. Turn on the power

2. Repair or replace. The main research of GFRP bolt tensile testing machine is its ultimate failure load, that is, tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and other mechanical properties

3, to reset the button

4. Turn the switch to the manual position

5 Zhou Fulin led the team to reset the overload guarantee and set the current value

6. Repair or replace

7. Repair the motor

1. The temperature switch is in the off position

2. The temperature setting value is lower than room temperature

3. 17 strategic alliances for technological innovation in the temperature sensing industry were lost

4. Temperature controller failure, AC contactor failure, heating ring failure

1. Set the switch to the on position

2. Reset the temperature

3. Replace the temperature sensing wire

repair or replace damaged components

2. The temperature is too high

1. The temperature sensing wire probe is loose or invalid

2. The contact of AC contactor is stuck or the optical power thermal analyzer shines the laser on the surface of nano film material, and the mechanism is not in place

temperature controller failure

1. Tighten the temperature control head or replace the temperature sensing wire

2. Repair or replace the contactor

3. Repair or replace the thermostat

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