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New industrialization needs to integrate the management system

Guide: the report of the 17th CPC National Congress proposed to accelerate the transformation of the mode of economic development, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and adhere to the path of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics. Throughout the history of world industrial development, before the 1950s, mechanization was the basic feature, after the 1960s, automation was the main feature, and in the 1980s

in the report of the 17th CPC National Congress, it is proposed to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and adhere to the road of new industrialization with Chinese characteristics

throughout the history of world industrial development, mechanization was the basic feature before the 1950s, automation was the main feature after the 1960s, and high-tech industry was the main post industrialization period in the 1980s. From the end of the 20th century to the present, it is an information age characterized by modern manufacturing services. From this industrial development law, we can see that there is no service industry without industry, and the rise of the tertiary industry is only the result or product of the late stage of heavy chemical industry

the so-called new industrialization is to adhere to the industrialization driven by informatization and the informatization promoted by industrialization. The integration of the two is an industrialization road with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full play to the advantages of human resources

compared with the traditional industrialization, the new industrialization emphasizes that it is driven by information technology, driven by scientific and technological progress and innovation, pays attention to scientific and technological progress and the improvement of the quality of workers, and pays attention to striving for a larger market share with high-quality and low-cost goods. The national informatization development strategy for 2006-2020 issued by the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council emphasizes that by 2020, China will basically popularize comprehensive information infrastructure, comprehensively optimize the structure of the information industry, and preliminarily establish a new industrialization development model, laying a solid foundation for moving towards the information society. In other words, in 2020, the overall optimization of the information industry structure and industrialization will basically be achieved simultaneously. It can be seen that informatization is an indispensable element of the development model of new industrialization, and the development of informatization and new industrialization are complementary and indispensable

at the same time, new industrialization emphasizes ecological construction and environmental protection, and emphasizes the relationship between economic development and population, resources and environment. This is in line with the construction of an environment-friendly society and a resource-saving society

it can be seen that the new industrialization idea is a breakthrough and development of the traditional industrialization road of "development before governance", and it is also a change and Sublation of China's traditional and extensive linear economic development road. The development of circular economy can be carried out at three levels, namely, cleaner production, the construction of ecological industrial parks and ecological villages, and the construction of a circular society

Theoretical research and Practice for more than 20 years have shown that cleaner production is the fundamental measure for sustainable utilization of resources, reduction of industrial pollution and environmental protection. Its principles are reduction, resource utilization, reuse and harmlessness

the construction of eco industrial parks and eco agriculture is the second level of developing circular economy. Industrial Eco Park not only includes industrial enterprises, but also agricultural departments, residential areas, information processing departments, etc. it is a complex of nature, industry and society. Through the exchange of by-products and waste among members, the gradual utilization of energy and water, and the sharing of infrastructure and other facilities, it can achieve a good overall economic and environmental performance

building a circular society is the third level and ultimate goal of circular economy. It refers to the reduction, reuse and resourcefulness of the whole society in the process of production, circulation and consumption. Its essence is to build an environment-friendly society and a resource-saving society

the benefits of cleaner production and circular economy are obvious, mainly energy conservation and emission reduction; Greatly reduce the amount of machining and greatly reduce the cost of finished products; Improve the progress of technical equipment and production conditions, and improve labor productivity; Improve the added value of products, so that enterprises can avoid the trap of low price competition; Obtain national policy support

Cleaner production is the foundation of circular economy and new industrialization, and it is also the main means to realize the latter two. Circular economy is not only the purpose of cleaner production, but also the proper meaning of new industrialization. In essence, new industrialization is a high summary and summary of China's implementation of sustainable development, cleaner production and circular economy for many years, and it is also a sublation of the way that developed countries first industrialize and then informatization. Only by realizing informatization at the same time of industrialization can China not fall behind in the fierce international competition, and it is possible to surpass developed countries

in addition, new industrialization reflects the requirements of the scientific concept of development. The scientificoutlookondevelopment emphasizes people-oriented, the comprehensiveness, coordination and sustainability of development, the balance between economic and social development and human development, and the harmony between man and nature, which requires improving the efficiency of resource utilization as the starting point in the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of industrial structure. At the same time, in terms of industrial layout, we should promote the concentration of production factors to advantageous regions and advantageous enterprises; In the relationship between industrial development and environmental protection, we should unify the pursuit of economic growth and environmental protection; We should guide and support the agglomeration of innovative elements to enterprises and promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces

845.7 million tons higher than last year. To take the new road of industrialization, we must integrate the traditional industrial management system and establish an authoritative department to carry out overall planning, coordinated management and policy planning for China's industrialization development. The establishment of a unified comprehensive industrial management system is conducive to meeting the needs of China's current industrial and economic development, forming a pattern of large industry and large market, strengthening the overall industrial planning and industry development guidance, and realizing the organic combination of government macro management and industry management

strengthening the integration of industry management system on the road of innovation of packaging materials is not to interfere with the production and operation activities of enterprises, nor is it a return to the traditional industrial management mode under the planned economic system, but to further improve the planning, guidance, coordination and service functions of the government under the socialist market economy at a higher level. In this context, the establishment of the Ministry of industry and information technology will undoubtedly enable the market to better play its fundamental role in allocating resources and accelerate the pace of China's new industrialization.

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