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Japan has developed a new instrument to crack DNA in 25 minutes

according to the different uses, according to the comprehensive report of Japan's "Asahi new automatic calculation: automatic calculation of various experimental results" and Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" on November 26, Japan has developed a new device that can identify the DNA left at the crime scene in at least 25 minutes, which is faster than similar tests in the past, so as to effectively assist the police in solving cases

it is reported that the DNA collected at the crime scene in the past needs to be brought back to the laboratory for identification. It takes more than half a day to get the degree of endurance under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant, so as to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time Applicable objects include metal, plastic, rubber, electronics And other materials can be used as the basis for product improvement or reference identification results. This new device developed by NEC company in Japan is expected to help the police improve the speed of solving cases, and quickly compare the on-site identification results with the DNA database of the criminal recorder held by the police, so as to quickly locate the suspect

since October 2012, NEC has cooperated with the scientific Police Research Institute under the Japanese police agency to conduct joint research, and has begun to try out the experimental machine, and plans to officially put the equipment into practical application in 2014. The size of the new equipment is equivalent to a medium-sized suitcase with a weight of 32 kg, which can be directly carried into the crime scene. There is a plastic plate in the equipment, on which there is a slender depression with a width of 5 cm. The plastic plate can adhere to the mucous membrane left at the crime scene, and the blood sample is supported on two blades, so as to extract and analyze the DNA information in it

through the DNA identification results, the police can not only compare the data stored in the criminal database, but also compare the DNA types of the persons involved in the case, so as to narrow the scope of suspects. The relevant person in charge of NEC said, "this equipment will be of great help to the police investigation". In addition, the equipment can also be used to identify the victims of natural disasters or accidents and analyze the components of agricultural products. The price of each equipment is expected to be about 10 million yen (about 760000 yuan)

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