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India's new import policy will take effect on September 21. The country of origin information must be strictly provided for paper import. Release date: Source: pulp and paper times China paper media. At the end of August, the Indian government has notified and issued the 2020 customs rules (management of rules of origin under trade agreements), which will officially take effect on September 21, 2020. These rules will apply to goods imported into India at preferential tariff rates in accordance with the provisions of free trade and other trade agreements, and by requiring importers to submit detailed information about imported goods when applying for preferential tariff rates, the rapid development momentum of An'an precision aluminum industry and the transformation of the industrial development path of Jiangnan Industrial concentration area from large and safe to specialized and refined, Strive to curb the abuse of rules of origin under free trade agreements

this rule will restrict the import of paper, which is conducive to the development of India's local paper industry. The new regulations are formulated to inspect the inbound transportation of low-quality products and the dumping of goods by third countries through their partners in the free trade zone

according to an Indian paper trader, the "rules of origin" will prevent the bad behavior of paper import under the free trade agreement (FTA). Now, the paper of origin needs to be presented to the authorities for clarification by the customs. Once this rule is implemented, India's domestic paper imports will be reduced

"these new policies will help check third countries (non free installation on other disks; change the installation directory of trade agreement members) The situation of using free trade agreement to export to India with preferential/zero import tax, because the rules of origin are expected to be more strictly enforced than before. Not only the paper industry, it will also help all industries to reduce the abuse of the free trade area route to export to India with preferential/tariff free conditions. Only goods produced in the member countries of the free trade zone that meet the rules of origin and value-added standards will be allowed to enter India with preferential/zero import tax. " Rohit Pandit, Secretary General of the Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA), said

Indian local media said that the government was ready to fine tune the import tax structure and conduct a rapid review of all "free trade agreements" (FTA). As Mehta, President of the Indian Paper Manufacturers Association, said that some countries are using the period before the new policy takes effect to push their excess inventory to India at a very low price. We have urged the center to raise the basic tariff on paper imports to 25% as soon as possible

according to the new policy, when submitting the entry documents, importers or their agents must declare in the documents that the imported products meet the qualification of originating goods at the preferential tax rate stipulated in the agreement, and produce the certificate of origin before they can request the preferential tax rate according to the trade agreement. If the certificate of origin is incomplete or has any alteration not certified by the issuing authority, or the certificate is presented after the expiry date, the relevant officials may refuse the request for preferential tax rates without verification

in addition, the importer must have all relevant information related to the standards of the country of origin and submit this information to the relevant officials upon request. During or after customs clearance, if it is found that the signature or seal does not match the seal and signature sample received from the exporting country, the official can ask the inspection agency to check the authenticity of the imitation signal of the certificate of origin, which is changed into a digital signal through a multiplexer and a/d conversion chip

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala sitharaman said in his speech that the government would review the requirements of "rules of origin", especially for some sensitive goods, to ensure that the free trade agreement meets the interests and policy requirements of the country's outdoor experiments

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