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On the morning of April 27, Lin Hongyu, deputy secretary of Jining Municipal Party committee and acting mayor of Jining, led a team to observe the smart construction of Shantui Co., Ltd., with the participation of the main heads of county (city, district) governments (management committees) and relevant departments and units directly under the municipal government, Wei Xiangsheng and an Lulin, deputy general managers of Shantui Co., Ltd., were accompanied by heads of relevant departments

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during the observation, the complete set of equipment and application scenarios of smart construction of Shantui were demonstrated on site in batches, and the video of smart construction of Shantui was watched. 5g and driverless equipment mainly show that driverless road rollers use artificial intelligence, big data, IOT and other advanced technologies to realize the path planning of construction equipment, operate autonomously, automatically perceive the surrounding environment, and realize safe obstacle avoidance. They can be widely used in smart construction sites, dangerous construction sites and construction sites that people cannot enter; Through the "5g" control cabin 5 kilometers away to realize the video image of dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer, we launched the monprene in ⑵ 3000 series SBC composite material image and digital command transmission without delay, realizing accurate control, that is, "what you see is what you get" construction operation

smart road construction equipment mainly shows that dh17 full hydraulic bulldozer and sg18 grader are equipped with automatic leveling control system to automatically adjust the blade height and realize centimeter level high-precision operation; SR22 roller is equipped with intelligent control compactness real-time monitoring system to realize real-time digital and platform management of compaction progress and quality

smart mine construction equipment mainly shows the construction of digital chemical engineering. Through UAV scanning, large-scale three-dimensional modeling of the construction site is realized. Through the data comparison between the model and the design value, the digital and accurate management of the workload and construction progress is realized

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thermal conductivity is mainly measured by thermal conductivity (unit: w/(m.k))

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