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Internet + new wind vane XCMG lifting machinery platform innovation leads cross-border integration

Internet + new wind vane XCMG lifting machinery platform innovation leads cross-border integration

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platform based thinking to build an ecosystem. Relevant national departments have once again organized the revision of the national standard of polyurethane waterproof coating. In the context of the Internet era, the user role will complete a magnificent turn from a simple service and product recipient to a common value creator. Building an offline platform mode in which external participants are willing to cooperate to create value is rewriting the rules of competition. XCMG is building a "3+n" platform model, which has three online models: XCMG lifting platform, XCMG lifting e-commerce platform, and golden engine exclusive community platform; N offline platform modes: establish a hoisting ecological chain communication platform, promote "suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, hoisting leasing enterprises, and engineering construction owners" to establish a self-discipline, interactive, mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial mechanism, and promote the deep integration of stakeholders in various hoisting fields. The essence of XCMG's platform model lies in building an ecosystem of hoisting industry chain with multi-agent win-win, mutual benefit and sustainable development

platform thinking to build an ecosystem

the integration of the two modernizations opens up the muscles and bones. Launch a new round of "interconnection + action", comprehensively promote the upgrading of industry 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, reshape and promote new nervous, muscle and blood systems with business models, and build a platform structure of one main and five auxiliary

the integration of industrialization and industrialization opens up the veins of muscles and bones

industrial cloud platform. XCMG and Alibaba work together to build a "XCMG industrial cloud" and a "predix platform" in China. With the help of subversive thinking and a new generation of information technology, XCMG's digital industrial capacity output is built into an open and shared global cloud platform, so as to make every effort to break barriers among individuals, enterprises, industries and countries, link more resource forces, take advantage of socialized value creation, and lead the ecological construction of networking, Achieve real-time market insight

industrial cloud platform

five sub platforms. XCMG hoisting machinery makes comprehensive use of advanced information technologies such as cloud computing, IOT, big data, and mobile Internet. With the strength of XCMG industrial cloud platform, it relies on "intelligent analysis and decision-making platform, global collaborative PDM research and development platform, intelligent product G technology platform, intelligent + Lean Manufacturing MES platform, and global IOT intelligent housekeeper platform" to build an intelligent high-end hoisting weapon for customers

XCMG lifting machinery platform innovation leads cross-border integration

interconnection + product precise docking demand. It will be an important innovation direction for the lifting machinery industry to promote the connection between Internet technology and user needs and bring a variety of digital solutions to customers to improve productivity, work efficiency, safety and profitability. XCMG adopts cloud computing technology and data mining technology to develop value-added services for crane R & D, manufacturing and service, and makes every effort to improve the intelligence, accuracy and efficiency of hoisting construction operation and maintenance management for customers in customized precision R & D, programmatic precision marketing and full life cycle precision services

XCMG lifting machinery platform Chuang 1 must pay attention to its protection and maintenance, and lead the new cross-border integration

the three platforms promote the deep integration

first, the full life cycle service integration. Through XCMG's lifting platform, using IOT and big data analysis technology, customers can immediately enjoy value-added services such as "hoisting resource optimization, highly professional equipment health assessment, equipment safety operation and maintenance, active maintenance reminder, project plan supervision, intelligent construction monitoring, market analysis and report"

XCMG lifting machinery platform innovation leads cross-border integration

second, borderless business model integration. Through XCMG crane e-commerce platform, it will create a value circle from customization, trading, logistics, services, spare parts, finance, second-hand car realization, and business opportunity sharing, so that suppliers, dealers, customers, and machine operators can use this value ecosystem to achieve low-cost, efficient, and fast-yielding business operations and value realization

third, the exclusive community integration of golden engine. In 2016, through the exclusive community platform of golden engine, connect various stakeholders and high-end professional resources, and build a communication platform for efficient interaction and collaboration from "industry self-discipline interaction, collaboration mode discussion, operation experience sharing, resource and information sharing, professional skills improvement" and so on. (this article is from XCMG)

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