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ILIPT's new idea of opening automobile logistics

the combination of mass production and separate production with special orders from users is a relatively common production mode in the automobile manufacturing industry at present, but now this mode is gradually losing its function. Experts believe that industrialized automobile manufacturing has brought about a global oversupply, resulting in a continuous increase in automobile inventory and a gradual decline in industry profits. Today, the European Union's ILIPT project may completely change the current mode of automobile production

ilipt is the abbreviation of "logistics management technology in the production process of innovative products", which is called a product that can be painted by yourself. The purpose of this technology is to realize the "5-day delivery" of automotive variant products and sample vehicles. The ILIPT project has established the clepa automobile supplier Association in Europe. A total of 33 famous automobile manufacturers, automobile parts suppliers, service enterprises, research institutions and software manufacturers from 14 European countries have participated in this cooperation project

the original idea of this project was to research and develop an unlimited location of Luohua automobile factory, which can deliver vehicles to customers within 5 days after the user signs the special vehicle order contract

transformation of business mode

Dell has a successful business model: every computer is produced according to the user's order. Theoretically speaking, cars can also be produced according to the model of Dell. But in practice, this idea has been questioned. Many senior experts believe that this flexible production mode is difficult to carry out in automobile manufacturing, because traditional automobile production has been carried out in rigid production processes and inflexible production organization structures. There are imperfect relationships between auto manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, as well as unimpeded logistics, which are the main reasons that hinder the five-day delivery

now, with the extensive implementation of the ILIPT project, all this will change

1. Skip the research on auto parts and auto modules, and do not produce auto parts and auto modules without market standardization

using standardized parts, including those standardized by their own enterprises in the member enterprises of the association, can greatly improve the flexibility of parts supply

at present, in the production of automobiles, people must also prepare parts for each brand and model. In the future, the modular structure will be of great help to the efficiency of automobile manufacturing. With this form, automobile manufacturing will eliminate the rigid production process

now, clepa automobile suppliers association is discussing whether to establish small assembly plants in the cities of supply. It is expected that such small assembly plants can even undertake the sales and after-sales service of vehicles

2. Solve the defective network factories of OEM automobile manufacturers

relevant researchers intend to solve the problem of network factory defects with the help of cross enterprise standardized production processes and it systems. According to this assumption, all member factories of the network can get important contract data and technical information at the first time

3. The initiator of clepa automobile suppliers association hopes to save time and money by using the new logistics management mode. Using this new logistics management mode, many enterprises can share the task of material storage and transportation in the parts supply market

composition of kovp

different voices

for this idea, some people also put forward different opinions. Opponents believe that the idea of "10 day delivery" has made experts in the complex supply chain feel headache. In the assumption of five-day delivery with more urgent time requirements, this has gone beyond the boundary of rational thinking

1. According to the user survey, no user really needs to get car B - constant cars within 5 days

all professional market surveys believe that users value "on-time delivery" far more than "short delivery period". In the view of opponents, the five-day delivery plan is completely misleading, linking "on-time delivery and emphasis on original innovation" with the impossible delivery period. The extremely short supply period, coupled with the absolutely punctual delivery, can only be met at the same time through expensive "super capacity production"

for example, there are 2560 variants of the door interior on the driver's side of Audi A8. Based on this complexity, in order to ensure that the vehicles can be delivered to the users accurately within 5 days, each warehouse must have an extremely efficient logistics chain, which must have the same flexibility, and there must be no mistakes, and there are no risk compensation measures. Only by ensuring these, 5-day delivery can be possible

the idea of 2-5-day delivery needs to be supported by high inventory, which is a heavy burden for the manufacturer. Shortening the production cycle and reducing inventory are a pair of contradictions

the buffer inventory in the process of logistics management not only occupies funds, but also can maintain the stability of production (meet the technical conditions of jb/t9397 (1) 999 tension compression fatigue testing machine), achieve balanced production, effectively tap the potential of the supply chain and provide the reputation of on-time supply. Opponents also called for the hope that these advantages of buffer inventory will not be replaced by "production capacity"

realize the full load operation of all factories

according to the estimation of a famous consulting company, at present, due to the accumulation of automobile products, automobile manufacturers all over the world waste up to $30billion a year, and this number is still increasing. Therefore, the main purpose of people is to realize the assumption that all production plants can operate at full capacity through reasonable allocation of order contracts

the production mode of manufacturing according to order requires very flexible production conditions, such as modular products, unimpeded processes and flexible factories. People envision a production line suitable for this production mode - a production line that produces vehicles of different brands at the same time: on the production line, the 3-Series BMW is followed by Mercedes Benz C-class sedan, or the Volkswagen Golf sedan is followed by Audi A3

at this time, the automobile assembly will not be completed by an automobile manufacturer, but by a company that specially provides assembly services. The advantage is that OEM automobile manufacturers can concentrate on the design, research and development, marketing and sales of automobiles

people believe that this may be the beginning of a new era in the automobile manufacturing industry. Although it will be hindered by people's inherent concepts, some insightful automobile manufacturers have been considering this issue

"5-day delivery" is the same as the core essence of BMW's "user led sales and production process control (kovp)". In the production of 7 Series BMW cars, BMW shortened the original 28 day production time to 12 days, and their future goal is 10 days. At the same time, BMW also plans to further improve its production flexibility. Now, users can change the color, configuration and engine power of the ordered vehicle within 6 days before the assembly, without affecting BMW's delivery on schedule. (end)

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