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New idea of heating in North China in 2017: wind power generation + air energy

Abstract: wind power generation + has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance air energy. Both are renewable energy. If used reasonably, it can indeed achieve the effect of 1+1> 2 without pollution

this era is an era that pays attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, so clean energy equipment has begun its own prosperity in many fields. ABS and as can be completely mixed. Take heating for example. The "two sessions" that just ended some time ago emphasized the importance of clean energy heating. It can be seen that in 2017, clean energy heating equipment represented by air energy heat pumps will be further promoted and popularized

air energy heat pump heating does not need to consume any coal and has zero pollutant emission. The heat pump can absorb a large amount of air energy from the air. After the air energy is treated accordingly, a large amount of hot water is generated for residential heating. Air energy is not only clean energy, but also renewable energy, which can be used for a long time without worrying about its depletion. But electric energy is also needed to drive the air energy heat pump

heat comes from air energy, and electric energy is used to make the air energy heat pump operate. This heating process is developed based on the physical inverse Carnot principle. Taking the "Zhixiang all-round ultra-low temperature heating heat pump" frequently used in Beijing's "coal to electricity" as an example, under a good environment, the heating efficiency ratio of the air energy heat pump can reach a maximum of 4.0, that is, using 1kW of electric energy, 4kw of heat energy can be absorbed from the air for the production of hot water. The energy efficiency, which is one of the best in similar equipment, also makes the air energy heat pump famous for saving energy and electricity

however, "coal to electricity" and "coal to clean energy" have always been the business of the whole northern region. The northern region has a vast territory, involving millions or even tens of millions of households. If everyone uses air energy heat pump for heating. Although it does reduce the problem of pollutants produced by the combustion of loose coal for heating, even if a device uses less electricity, it is still a huge number. Therefore, to popularize air energy heat pump heating, the supply of electric energy must keep up

at present, some experts in the industry have also proposed a new scheme: wind energy + air energy. Both of them are renewable energy. If they are reasonably utilized, they can indeed achieve the effect of 1+1> 2 without pollution. In 2011, the national energy administration began to promote the pilot of abandoned wind power heating in Jilin. After a period of implementation, it has reduced the environmental pollution caused by the inefficient combustion of fossil energy. Baicheng, Jilin Province is one of the first batch of key construction areas of 7 million kW wind power bases in China. The excellent thermal conductivity of microcomputer titanium skull plate will make patients feel pain and discomfort control, LCD static display, motor 1 integration principle domain. At the end of 2016, Baicheng's installed wind power capacity reached 3.0322 million KW, but followed by a wind rejection rate of up to 33%

Dabancheng, located in the remote Xinjiang region, is also a national key wind power heating project. The first batch of approved wind power clean heating demonstration projects in Xinjiang are located in Dabancheng district. According to the staff of Urumqi power supply company, the project can consume 120million kwh of clean power in Dabancheng wind district every year

it can be seen that the continuous progress of wind power generation technology in China has also increased the feasibility of the scheme of "air energy + wind energy" to supply power to heating heat pumps. It is believed that in the near future, with the joint efforts of many parties, such a scheme will really be put into use and make a great contribution to the heating of northern residents

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