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During this period, ice cream, which once retreated to the second tier, reappeared, filling the freezer of Hangzhou supermarket, and this summer's ice cream sales war was imminent. The ice cream market is full of patterns, just like changing clothes every year. After last year's funny trend, cartoon and nostalgia have become the new selling points of many brands of ice cream this year

ice cream makes snack taste

following the popularity of Guangming snow dumplings last year, many ice cream manufacturers have made alternative ice cream from snacks and snacks that are very popular in life this year. The pearl milk tea house and egg tart ice cream in heluxue are the representatives. Egg tart ice cream is similar to KFC's idea of "eating egg tart on ice" last year. Pearl milk tea house turns liquid milk tea into solid ice cream with "pearls" on it. Guangming cold drink, which took the lead in raising the flag of "snack ice cream", is even more unique. It simply made spring rolls into ice cream. The skin of egg rolls is wrapped with ice cream. Snow spring rolls are not greasy as ordinary spring rolls, and their taste is crisp and ice-cream. The "old Chinese flavor" series of local cold drink brand giant Youkang takes the nostalgic route, which reproduces the taste of childhood traditional snacks in ice cream, mainly including wheat flavored peanuts and rich sesame, which is said to be very popular with middle-aged and elderly consumers

pull the robot cat to win the child's heart

"Mom, I want this ice cream, which is sent by the robot cat sticker." On April 10, at Yongjin store of Carrefour supermarket, 7-year-old Zhu Mengyu chose in front of the freezer for a long time, and finally chose to take Nestle's "ice and snow party" home, because this kind of ice cream comes with stickers for the refrigeration system of the robot cat standing low-temperature impact testing machine, and the robot cat happens to be Xiao Mengyu's favorite. This summer, there are many new ice cream products that bring cute cartoon characters to shout for themselves: a set of Hello Kitty flying chess for Nestle "Qiqu" ice cream, and a set of snow Mini cones for DIS, including packaging materials, containers, tools and equipment used for food in the process of food production, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, sales and use. More interestingly, Nestle also launched a "playable" ice cream. This peach flavored ice cream hides a gummy caterpillar, which is full of childlike fun

the relevant person in charge of Century Lianhua supermarket said that the ice cream market is now subdivided into smaller groups. Last year's popular personalized funny ice cream was mainly aimed at teenagers above junior high school students. This year's popular children's fun ice cream is aimed at younger children and primary school students

the packaging shape continues to innovate and break through

the cold drink industry is becoming the industry with the fastest product renovation, which can be seen from the endless new products of major ice cream brands every year. The relevant person in charge of Hangzhou Wufeng cold food Co., Ltd. said that the competition of cold drink brands is fierce now. In order to succeed, we must constantly meet the tastes of consumers who like the new and hate the old. Without a careful new product development strategy, it is difficult for enterprises to continue. Generally speaking, the development of new products accounts for 30% to 40% every year, which is not only conducive to market share, but also drives the sales of old varieties. A dealer of a famous foreign-funded ice cream brand in Hangzhou said that with the improvement of technology, it is difficult to say that this ice cream must taste better than that one. In order to let consumers choose you at a glance, manufacturers are now racking their brains to inject new elements into traditional products and improve competitive added value. Judging from the trend of these two years, the new ice cream products in the future will be more and more "non business", mainly in the packaging, shape and other peripheral factors of innovation and breakthrough

innovation and curiosity

when eating vegetables, you are most afraid of eating insects, which means that what you eat is not hygienic. Now, it's better that insects, which everyone used to avoid, have turned into a unique secret tool for ice cream manufacturers to call for business. When I visited the supermarket these days, I was dazzled by the endless new ice cream products. What impressed me most was all kinds of children's fun ice cream specially for primary school students. In addition to the ice cream with "Caterpillar" soft candy hidden inside, I also bought ice cream to send cartoon models, ice cream to send stickers, ice cream to send flying chess, etc. I thought I was selling toys if I didn't look carefully. I admit that compared with the single mung bean popsicle when I was a child, these gimmicky innovative ice creams are really eye-catching at first sight, but I have no desire to buy them at all. As a supermarket salesperson said, oneortwo pieces of ice cream can also send stickers, cartoon models and flying chess. The cost is all used for fancy gifts. What good ice cream can be made is better than buying ordinary milk ice cream. Besides, with so many gifts in the palm sized ice cream, it is difficult to guarantee the hygiene. I will never buy it for my son. Like this salesperson, there are still many parents who think in reverse, because the sales data of several supermarkets show that the sales of these innovative children's fun ice cream have not been as ideal as expected since they entered the market. After all, parents' consumption is rational, and only a few are willing to "buy money and return it". Originally, business is business. In order to catch consumers who "like the new and hate the old", cold drink manufacturers continue to innovate in taste, structure, combination and even packaging to add value to their products, which is understandable, because new products will be the protagonist and growth point of the cold drink market for a long time. However, it is reported that innovation also needs to grasp a degree, which is creativity. Once you go too far, blindly innovating with an abnormal "curiosity hunting" mentality is grandstanding, and the result will only backfire

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