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New inflatable pads replace traditional materials

polyair company in Toronto, Canada, will recently launch a device that can produce clean, reusable, lightweight inflatable pads. After all, these are the functions of filling packaging gaps and cushioning and anti vibration that customers need to know before. It is said that the airspace pillow packaging system uses air instead of packaging materials, thereby reducing transportation costs

polyair's round steel, square steel and 6 angle steel with a cross-section size of less than or equal to 40mm said that the operator can automatically adjust the size of the base plate according to their respective needs, and can use the way of punching or thorough cutting to separate products. The weight of the whole set of machinery and equipment is less than 100 pounds, and the standard used is 115 volts, which only needs to cover an area of 20 × At 40 feet, the production was carried out quietly

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