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Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

product catalogue of Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

product model name user sales price (10000 yuan/set)

j2108b split monochrome Offset Press 33.13

j2108bjga split monochrome Offset Press (frequency conversion) 34.00

j2108b-ii split monochrome Offset Press (water ink integration) 35.00

j2108c split monochrome Offset Press (widening) 46.00

j2204a split two-color offset press 73.00

j2205 split two-color offset press 62.35

j220 promoted 27.735jga split two-color offset press (frequency conversion) year on year 64.00

js2102 split double-sided offset press 61.00

pz4880-01b unit split four-color offset press 192.00

beiren88 unit split four-color offset press 245.00

pz4920-01 unit split four-color offset press 223.80

pz4720-02 unit split four-color offset press 150.00

pd11230a full sheet double-sided offset press 72.80

pz21020 unit split two-color offset press 113.30

jj103 web monochrome lithography press 73.30

Jj204 web two-color lithography press 97.86

jj204d web they all have their own advantages paper two-color lithography press 129.50

pj web lithography press (overprint) 80.00

pj web lithography press 115.00

pj web lithography press 196.40

pjs Web books and periodicals monochrome lithography press 83.30

pjs Web books and periodicals two-color lithography press 115.00

pjs Web books and periodicals two-sided four-color lithography press 297.80

yp787 web monochrome lithography press 115.00

yp2787 web lithography machine (simple overprint) 60.00

y printing unit (equipped with yp4787g) 76.00

z folding machine (equipped with yp4787g) 56.00

yp4787g web offset printer 280.00

yp4787g + y web offset printer 210.00

yp4787g + Z web offset printer 325.00

yp4787g + y web offset printer 350.00

yp4787g + y + Z web offset printer 395.00

yp4787g + 2Y web offset printer 430.00

yp4787g + 2Y + Z web lithography provides them with both the highest flame retardant requirements of the global organization for standardization Material brushing machine 488.00

yp4787h web lithography press (tower) 265.00

2000 zero speed paper receiving machine with required electrical performance (equipped with yp4787h) 43.00

yp1880a web lithography press 98.60

yp1880b web lithography press 132.00

yp2880a web lithography press 149.00

address: No. 44, south of Guangqu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

as the displacement system of the tension machine adopts the 3-loop control mode; Therefore, the circuit in the displacement system should be disconnected first zip code: 100022:


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