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Huai'an paper passed the environmental protection acceptance of the completed project on December 19, Huai'an Environmental Protection Bureau hosted the acceptance meeting of the environmental protection "three Simultaneities" completion project of Huai'an carton board factory. After effective treatment, the environmental protection problems of this 100 million yuan private enterprise, which has attracted the attention of the province and the city, have been tracked and checked by the environmental monitoring department for many times. The main environmental indicators such as sewage, smoke and noise discharged have reached the national standards. This time, the acceptance team composed of environmental protection experts, local government and leaders of relevant departments unanimously passed the acceptance of the "three Simultaneities" completion project of the plant

Huai'an carton board factory is a private enterprise with an annual sales of billion yuan. It mainly produces corrugated base paper with recycled paper as raw material. At present, the enterprise has five advanced computer-controlled production lines, of which the 3.2m ultra wide, high-strength and low gram weight corrugated means of production display line fills the blank of packaging paper in Jiangsu. There is only one such line in East China. The annual output of corrugated base paper reaches 50000 tons, Its scale, production and sales rank first among corrugated paper manufacturers in Jiangsu. Its products have become packaging supporting products for large domestic enterprise groups such as Yangzi, Chunlan, panda, Haier, Yihua, Little Swan and haozizi

according to the requirements of national regulations, construction projects that pollute the environment must implement the provisions of "three Simultaneities" (simultaneous design, simultaneous construction and simultaneous production) of environmental protection. In order to take the road of sustainable development of the enterprise, the plant strictly implements the requirements of "three Simultaneities", and has successively invested more than 30million yuan. On the one hand, it speeds up the technical transformation of production equipment, on the other hand, it strengthens environmental protection and sewage treatment, and strives to achieve a "win-win" between economic benefits and environmental protection

in November last year, the 5000 ton/day sewage treatment project of the plant invited experts from provincial and municipal environmental science research institutes and other departments to conduct on-site investigation, prepared and passed the environmental impact assessment report, with a total investment of 2.8 million yuan. The equipment adopts the current advanced vortex concave air flotation sewage treatment system, with an hourly sewage treatment capacity of no less than 200 tons. At present, the hourly sewage discharge of the plant is only 80 tons, and the main shaft of the sewage is simply supported by a beam The handling capacity far exceeds the actual emissions. In particular, the raw material of the corrugated paper in the plant is recycled paper, which will be favored by more and more businesses. It is physical pulping rather than chemical pulping. In addition, the Desanding, grit setting and multi-channel paper fiber concentration and filtration devices are installed, which can greatly reduce the relevant indicators of the discharged sewage when the sample is loaded gently and stably, and ensure that the water quality after sewage treatment meets the standard

at the same time, the plant has reformed the boiler dust removal equipment to make the smoke and dust emission meet the national standards. The acceptance of the environmental protection "three Simultaneities" completion project of the plant marks that the work of the enterprise has reached a new level

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