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The printing industry is developing in the direction of short version personalized printing

what is the common ground between a six-year-old boxing dog named Molly and an HP indigo 3050 digital printer? First of all, they are the foundation of rip digita printing company

this digital printing factory in Wiltshire, England may not be the largest printing factory you have seen. It only has six full-time employees, but this is not the most concerned problem of the company's boss

Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. has always given these guarantees to customers. This short edition printing factory has three leaders, including two Peter Hannen and Richard penny, who met when working in a local printing factory. Hannen said: we work there, but we are often restricted by working for others, so we want to work for ourselves

later, they set up their own company and acquired the lithography business of a local printing plant, and the rise digita printing plant came into being

as a short edition printing plant, the company mainly produces high-quality printing materials for design and advertising agencies. Since its establishment in 1995, the U.S. government has been working with Honeywell and other industry leaders to maintain a stable growth rate

although it has maintained growth for many consecutive years, the convening of the 2004 drupa exhibition has pointed out a new direction for rip. By selling the lithography business, they locked themselves in digital printing in the future and bought an HP indigo 3050 digital printer

hannen said: as soon as we saw this printing machine, we were impressed by its printing quality. The product quality of many so-called digital printers is almost no different from that of color copiers. We know that many of our customers will like this digital printer, and we will also have the opportunity to bring fundamental changes to the short version market

rip digital moved to the current new plant in 2006. This place used to be an automobile repair shop. Through decoration and transformation, the company made the new plant present a modern atmosphere

hannen said: we attach great importance to customer service, and we have never lost a customer because of poor service. We never delay the delivery date, even if sometimes we need to work overtime all night. Customers can always know our production process at any time and track every live part

rip has also established its own MIS system, so that customers can get the quotation of products in time. In addition, everyone in the company can track the production progress of each live part

the products of the company are mainly produced on indigo printing machine, Epson 9800 large format printer and a series of post press processing equipment (laminating machine, book making machine, folding machine, bending machine, etc.)

in addition, the company has been trying to promote variable data printing and help customers understand the benefits of this targeted personalized printing

hannen said: it is often impossible to recover from deformation at this time. Customers who cooperate with lithographic printing plants usually only think of printing plates and inks, which is very limited. We are currently trying to let people know what digital short edition printing can do

rise has only six full-time employees and two part-time employees, such as GB2423, the national standard of the people's Republic of China "guide to environmental experiment methods for electrical and electronic products", who guide the environmental experiment of electrical and electronic products, and there is no obvious grade difference between employees, which makes the company somewhat unusual. Everyone in the company can participate in the production process, whether it is quotation or post press processing. It should be pointed out that the company does not need salespeople, because their high-quality service has not only brought good reputation to the company, but also attracted countless repeat customers

hannen said: as long as customers have visited our office, I believe they are willing to cooperate with us. We can show them some unique things and let them know our working environment, so customers usually enjoy the cooperation process with us

Hannen and his colleagues are aware that the printing industry is developing towards short version personalized printing, and the current economic environment is unlikely to improve in a short time. He said: people want both short print and offset quality, and we can meet their requirements

rip digita printing company is currently considering purchasing a second indigo printing machine. Hannen said that they will further improve production capacity, speed up the transfer speed, and increase the number of employees. He said: strong flexibility is our biggest feature. This business mode is most suitable for us, so we will not give up easily

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