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Printing industry meets cold Shenzhen Guilian advances in adversity

when the global financial crisis has brought severe cold to the printing industry in Shenzhen, Guilian group has been able to survive and take off against the trend, showing a positive momentum of development. The steel industry of its flagship Anyang includes construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile and auto parts, railway equipment, profile processing The profit margin of printing enterprises such as wind power tower construction and boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing increased by nearly 30% over the previous year

Li QiuGuang, a senior printer in Shenzhen, said that affected by the global financial storm and the collapse of some enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, more than 2400 printing companies in the city have generally suffered from declining orders, declining business volume and significantly shrinking profit margins. Many enterprises with simple technology and small scale are even facing a survival crisis, but several printing companies affiliated to Guilian group have shown market expansion The new atmosphere of output and profit margin growth against the trend plays a huge role model and demonstration effect in the whole industry

Guilian group started from the printing industry and set foot in the real estate industry in 2002. In 2006, due to the high temperature of plastics, Guilian group broke into the top three in the comprehensive strength of China's printing industry with a dark horse posture, causing the surprise of peers in the industry. In the next two years, Guilian won the honor with its continuously expanding scale and rising benefits. The three enterprises have the reputation of being one of the top 100 printing enterprises in China. This enterprise group, whose main business is cigarette label printing, has maintained double-digit growth in its main economic indicators this year under the severe situation of the financial tsunami and the great decline in the efficiency of the domestic printing industry. Shenzhen Kecai Printing Co., Ltd. is one of the flagship of Guilian group. From January to October this year, the output increased by more than 30% over the same period last year, and has repeatedly set a single month output record; The gross profit margin increased by 5 percentage points over the same period last year, entering the ranks of major taxpayers in Shenzhen. Insiders said that such a development momentum is rare in the same industry in the country

the reason why we have made breakthroughs and developed in the harsh market competition is that we pay attention to scientific management, scientific and technological progress, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, pay attention to heterogeneous expansion, and develop businesses that others cannot do. Cai De, chairman of Guilian group, told us that our annual investment in R & D and technological transformation is more than 10% of our sales revenue

even this year, Guilian has encountered severe challenges, but through technological innovation and market development, the implementation of refined management has realized the opportunity of turning crisis into opportunity. Despite the stormy development of recruiting and training skilled workers, Guilian is also looking forward to the future market accurately. As early as last year, we began to establish a volatile organic compounds (VOCs) laboratory in kecai printing company, becoming the first cigarette label printing enterprise in China. Increasing revenue and reducing expenditure is another successful experience of your group's management efficiency. In kecai company alone, the output value increased by 100million yuan due to open source this year, and more than 10 million yuan of expenses were saved for the enterprise due to savings

Tang Jianxin, general manager of kecai company, said: compared with foreign enterprises, what Chinese enterprises lack is the refinement of management, which is what we need to improve. The reason why kecai can save so much money this year is to realize the two wheel drive of demand and supply. We not only reduce the scrap rate through quality control, but also reduce unnecessary waste in daily life

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