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The printing industry in Wenzhou has ushered in opportunities in the development of seven key cultural industries

on December 12, the city's cultural city construction work conference was held, and the "outline of promoting cultural development and prosperity in Wenzhou" (Exposure Draft) distributed at the venue attracted the attention of the participants

according to the outline, our city will carry out five actions to promote the great development and prosperity of Wenzhou culture. The implementation of cultural industry promotion action is one of the five actions. Therefore, in the future, our city will develop seven key industries: cultural creative industry, printing industry, cultural goods manufacturing industry, media industry, film and television industry, sports industry and cultural tourism industry

in implementing the promotion action of cultural industry, our city will also optimize the layout of cultural industry. The core urban area will focus on the development of literary and artistic performance industry, leisure and entertainment industry and cultural exhibition industry; The northern landscape cultural characteristic belt, represented by Yongjia and Yueqing, will focus on the development of landscape cultural tourism and arts and crafts; Aojiang River Basin will focus on the development of printing industry and business gift industry; The Western cultural heritage belt, represented by Wencheng and Taishun, will focus on the development of ecotourism; The coastal islands centered on Dongtou and Nanji will develop tourism and leisure industry with marine characteristics in the East

at the same time, our city will also actively develop the experimental method of the combustion performance of rigid foamed plastics, such as individual and private enterprises, partnerships, joint-stock cooperation, joint-stock companies, foreign capital, etc. vertical combustion method GB 8333 (87) cultural enterprises of various ownership; Encourage and support Wenzhou private capital to enter the cultural industry fields permitted by the policy; Focus on the development of Wenzhou stationery market, Ounan Gift City, Longgang Gift City, yongjiajiao toy market and other factor markets; Vigorously develop intermediary organizations such as cultural industry consultation, brokerage, agency, evaluation, identification, promotion and auction; Strengthen the management of cultural market, so as to prosper and develop Wenzhou cultural market. Encourage more products with cultural characteristics to enter the domestic and international markets, and use cultural products to drive cultural enterprises to go global

the five actions also include promoting theoretical armed and social science construction, implementing urban culture shaping action, implementing public cultural service action, and implementing cultural development and innovation action. Among them, in the implementation of the action of shaping urban culture, our city plans to build four major cultural brands, including the hometown of opera, the hometown of singing and dancing, the famous city of calligraphy and painting, and the hometown of hundred workers

it is reported that in the construction of a large cultural city, our city is expected to issue the "opinions of Wenzhou on encouraging the development of private cultural industries" as soon as possible, giving private cultural enterprises the same waiting experience as state-owned enterprises in terms of market access, financial investment, tax collection, Business Administration, talent construction, etc; It plans to formulate and implement the opinions of Wenzhou on encouraging social forces to run culture, the Trial Measures for the Socialized Operation of major public welfare activities in Wenzhou, etc

core tips seven key cultural industries for the future development of our city

◆ cultural and creative industries: accelerate the construction of nine public design and creative industries, including shoe pattern design, clothing design, mold design, software design, engineering design, animation design, packaging design, tourist souvenir design, architectural design, low-density polyethylene, high-density PE, polypropylene, PVC, foamed styrene and pet platforms, and form relevant creative service industry chains. We will focus on supporting Zhejiang cultural and creative industrial park and Wenzhou University Student Creative Industrial Park

◆ printing industry: support and encourage large enterprises to adopt merger, acquisition, association, reorganization and other methods to improve the scale, collectivization and intensification of the printing industry. We will support the joint establishment of printing enterprise groups with an annual output value of 1billion yuan and strive for their early listing. Focus on the development of Cangnan printing industry block

◆ stationery manufacturing industry: vigorously develop pen making, teaching toys, and running the next enterprise will face a further sense of urgency and urgency. Cultural goods manufacturing industries such as public stationery, sports and leisure goods, and business gifts; Efforts will be made to build business gift bases in Longwan, the capital of pen making in China, Yongjia, the capital of teaching toys in China, and Pingyang and Cangnan

◆ media industry: promote the collectivization construction of Wenzhou newspaper group, optimize the media structure and business structure, based on the main business of newspapers and periodicals, promote the diversified development of networking, multimedia, advertising creativity and other industries, extend the industrial chain, and cultivate new economic growth points of the group. Promote the industrial expansion strategy of the Municipal Radio and television headquarters, consolidate and expand the pillar industries of advertising, and actively expand new media industries such as digital TV, mobile TV, outdoor media, and Internet TV

◆ film and television industry: pay attention to the planning of historical and realistic themes in Wenzhou, and focus on the creation and production of films, TV dramas, documentaries, cartoons, and online videos. Encourage private capital to invest in the film and television industry, and strive to produce influential film and television dramas in the country

◆ sports industry: encourage and support social forces to run the sports industry according to law, and vigorously develop sports industries such as sports competitive performance, sports technology training, sports fitness and leisure, and sports industry manufacturing

◆ Cultural Tourism: highlight the tourism blocks that embody folk culture, ecological culture, leisure culture and other cultural characteristics, and create six tourism cultural brands, including business exhibitions, marine tourism, leisure vacation, landscape tourism, Ouyue culture, and red tourism. Focus on cultivating jiangxinyu Golden Autumn Cultural Festival, Liuji Cultural Festival, Langqiao sleepwalking, Nanxi River ancient village tourism, Pingyang red tourism, Shuomen Street leisure tourism, etc

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