The hottest printing industry will see a comeback

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The printing industry will usher in a comeback next year

although we have entered the era of iPads and apps, printing can still have a place in the market. Some people may think that the production and distribution costs of printed matter are high, and the marketing expenses should not be underestimated, which is true for those media companies that rely on Printing for profit; But for enterprise marketers, printing is not only not outdated, but also brings many valuable opportunities. The main reasons are as follows:

1, attracting attention. Have you noticed that the magazines and printed newsletters you recently received have become less and less? Most people will pay special attention to the printed emails they receive, because the number is small, so it is easier to focus. And the attention of customers is business opportunities! Because few traditional publishers are still printing magazines, there are a lot of opportunities for content marketing companies

2. Be able to retain customers. Junta42 and marketingprofs pointed out in a forthcoming survey that customerrefection is the most important goal of marketers in content marketing, and its position is second only to brand promotion. From the past experience of Merck home (600337) announcement, the reason why brand holders are willing to produce magazines and corporate communications is to retain customers

3. There is no audience development cost. Publishers always spend a lot of time and money to develop readers. In many cases, publishers need to confirm whether readers need to subscribe to their own magazines by sending emails and typing. Suppose a publishing house spends $2 on each subscriber every year, and their circulation is 100000 copies, then their annual audience development cost is $200000. Marketing companies don't have to worry about this part of the cost. If they want to send magazines to customers, they can do it with their own customer mailing list

4. Old trees sprout. Social media, content, and iPad are common troikas in today's marketing mix. But marketing companies and media buyers are not satisfied. They want to do something different. Although it is hard to believe, many marketing companies are indeed considering adding print to their marketing mix

5. Customers still need to ask questions. The reason why people like the Internet is that buyers can find the answer to any problem on the above: the spring on the piston is broken or the spring force is too small, but if we want to ask questions, we can't find the place. Print is still the best problem carrier on the earth. It can ask you problems according to what you read. If you want to challenge your customers, print is the best choice

it is widely used in rail transit and high-end electronic equipment. 6. Printing can make people excited. Recently, it has been mentioned that it is difficult to convince others to accept interviews for articles published on. But if you mention publishing articles on print media, many top managers of enterprises are willing to schedule time for this. For many people, printed matter is still more reliable than Internet

7. Do not plug in. Now more and more people choose to live a life without plug-in, or keep themselves away from digital media. If you turn off and the computer, you will be more interested in printed materials. This view did not seem to be accepted by people a year ago, but now it has become a fashion

of course, content marketing is still a very effective means, but please don't forget that printed matter can also play an important role in the content marketing mix

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