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User experience: shortcomings of digital proofing software GMG

as a digital proofing software that has just entered China, GMG has attracted great attention in China, and some EFI's old customers have invested in his arms.

a company has used bestcolor's proofing software since 1999. After several generations of upgrades, it has become more and more dissatisfied with it, especially after starting to print some photographers' advanced black-and-white photos in 2003, I can't compliment the proofing effect of EFI's black-and-white grayscale. In 2004, I began to pay attention to the new proofing technology, and finally communicated with GMG. It was almost a trial for life. After simple installation and a day's trial, I found that it had too many advantages compared with EFI. Not to mention the accuracy of color chasing, its black-and-white reduction, whether it was a single black channel or a three-color gray balance, was perfect! Now we have signed two sets of contracts with GMG

after more than a year of use, like its advantages, its disadvantages are becoming more and more prominent, and it is very personalized

1. Initial linear adjustment of closed paper

as a driver software based on third-party hardware (printer), openness is one of the foundations of a successful software set. All such software in the public market regard the perfect matching with the printer as their primary task: and the prerequisite of digital proofing software must also make the paper and ink perfectly match with the machine, Only by getting a color gamut space larger than the printing color can we get the final accurate simulated printing color gamut space

gmg's proofing software uses a line when generating the characteristic curve of the printer. MX3 paper linear curve, but no matter what paper you use, this is it. Ask GMG's engineer software to make its own linear. Is MX3 linear? Answer: no! This curve is provided according to your machine model, or go to the GMG company station to download! I think it's strange. As you know, the cooperation between paper and ink is very important. Even printer suppliers will provide ICC characteristic curves of different papers when buying printers. Why can GMG have such a universal linear curve? I went to the GMG station with questions and found that there are indeed many curves for different machines, but all of them clearly indicate that they are for one kind of paper! It is the proofing paper produced by GMG company itself

is it true that the practical application is not as important to GMG proofing software as their technicians say

the company has made a lot of paper (such as ep517, Epson's digital proofing paper, pantek's, etc.) and found this curve line provided. The maximum color gamut space of the printer generated by MX3 is significantly smaller than the color gamut space of the printer in some intermediate color phases! We all know that in color reproduction, the middle tone color is the most sensitive color of the human eye! Although the software can still make the average △ e less than 1 in the final closed-loop correction, we find that its maximum △ e (all between) color patches occur in the middle tone! Some papers have a maximum △ e=4. 5 is 100% m (magenta). What is the significance of such a basic color that cannot correctly restore the average △ E 1

the company and GMG engineers also discussed this problem, but they said that only send the paper you choose to Germany and let the headquarters make this curve! Dizzy

nowadays, the technology of glass magnesium plate universal testing machine based on ICC Color Management meets the conditions, and even the printer driver provided by Epson company contains ICC based color management: previously, the target curve could not be selected, but now the K3 series (78009800 and other printers) has opened the custom target curve, that is, you can choose the color space you want the printer to simulate! Now the only restricted part is the paper part -- Epson allows you to choose only its own paper in recent years in its drive! I also made such a suggestion when communicating with the top management of Epson China headquarters and the R & D personnel of Epson and K3 series printers in Japan: I suggest that they open the custom function of the paper characteristic curve ICC in the driver again! If one day this becomes a reality, how should so many digital proofing companies deal with it? After all, the driver of others can be provided for free

I don't know whether GMG doesn't open the linear curve generation of paper out of the same consideration as Epson company ---- occupy the paper market

2. The biggest difference between the closed color characteristic curve

and other digital proofing software (also the biggest feature of GMG) is that it is not based on the spatial conversion principle of ICC color characteristic curve, but on the conversion of 4D color space based on CMYK. It completes the direct conversion of printer CYMK color gamut - printer cmky color gamut, which is a direct characteristic conversion based on specific equipment (printers and printers), This conversion brings higher accuracy, but also brings a fatal problem. It is almost incompatible with our modern prepress process control. As we all know, the current prepress process integrates color management, which is based on the ICC Color Management feature. When we provide the ICC characteristic curve of a printing machine, We can use it to guide all color control in the whole printing and reproduction process: if we put it like a computer, we can get soft proofing on the screen; Put it into the printer to get digital proofing; Put it into the prepress process to get the precise color separation of rgb---cmyk! A good digital proofing software needs to consider the integration with the prepress process while doing a good job of proofing accuracy. More and more printing plants in the world begin to accept the RGB or even Lab color process, and put the conversion of color space in the final position of the process, that is, after proofing, in order to minimize the loss of image color conversion! GMG cannot be used for soft proofing, nor can it be integrated into the prepress process of a third party to participate in the accurate color separation of RGB or lab to CMYK based on ICC Standard color management due to different standards of feature files. Although it has its own RGB to CMYK color separation software (of course, you have to pay for it separately), it doesn't mention the inconvenience! Besides, who doesn't enjoy free lunch

3. Split rip and driver module

take it as a disadvantage completely because they are not satisfied with the text printing accuracy brought by this method! The rip of GMG digital proofing is separated from the final color management and driving part. The intermediate file is a tiff file format! That is, Rip's work generates a tiff file from the PS generated by the typesetting software, and then sends it to the back for color space conversion, and then drives the printer output. Although D. the sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean, it can be done by thermal file without manual intervention, but it brings a problem of accuracy. There is too much difference between the printed text, especially the small text, and the printed matter! The reason is that the accuracy of the generated TIFF format is limited! We generate TIFF outputs of 360dpi, 720dpi and 1440dpi respectively. Compared with TIFF images with low accuracy, those with high accuracy are improved, but the rip time you have to pay is indeed doubled! However, even if the accuracy of 1440dpi is very different from the text effect directly driven by EFI

Introduction to GMG Colorproof's accurate color proofing solution

9:17, July 13, 2006 source: HC printing industry channel

in many visits to today's most famous products, GMG's proofing solution - Colorproof has always ranked in the top ten. Practice has proved that it is a market leading solution for professional proofing. The latest version of the product, GMG Colorproof 04, continues to maintain its traditional position and redefines the standard

professional tools for professional users

gmg Colorproof 04 are composed of the following parts: GMG colorengine, GMG profileeditor (color management document editor) and spotcolor editor (spotcolor editor), GMG rip serve (GMG image rasterization processing server) and output module applied to a wide range of output devices. An important element of the software is its unique "four-dimensional color conversion engine". When the contract samples are output through a variety of output devices, it can ensure the best quality. The system can rely on all standard color charts to measure with spectrophotometer. Independent color management files of the device are stored for professional printers. Together with a rapidly developing linearization tool, it makes the system particularly suitable for fine proofing. GMG Colorproof 04 supports all current spot color systems (each picture has nearly 64 independent color channels), drives the coordinated development of Weifang silicone adhesive industry cluster, silicone additives, silicone medical products and other middle and downstream industries, and is compatible with the standard ICC profile, which can be linked with GMG devices to form a feature file

new features of GMG Colorproof 04

gmg Colorproof 04 includes new and simple installation work, allowing users (users) to quickly get very good samples. When applying standard characteristic files, users only need to run a simple printer calibration program. This program can ensure the same results when using printers in different modes. The redesigned user interface makes the operation in GMG Colorproof more intuitive and enables users to achieve faster speed. In GMG profileeditor (GMG color manager), when the color value is read from the spectrophotometer in this way, the selective correction function is improved

Another new feature in the GMG spotcolor editor is the support for test charts, including the office Pantone spot color library. The new printer calibration wizard does not use profileeditor to make it easier to calibrate the output device. The license of Fogra media wedge is also included in GMG Colorproof 04. GMG Colorproof 04 is the most cost-effective and high target proofing solution in the market. It adapts to all the needs of contract proofing, including color accuracy and reproducibility

gmg dotproof - for accurate halftone samples

gmg dotproof allows users to create halftone samples by printing binary TIFF image data with accurate color, which is obtained from image settings or CTP rip while maintaining the original screen information. This makes the problem that the printed matter is only visible on the halftone sample be found early. Such as moire and gravure errors. Dotproof is particularly useful for CTP workflow. Potential problems can be identified before printing plate generation, which also saves time and cost

gmg fileout - conversion from CMYK to CMYK

gmg fileout module can realize the conversion from one CMYK gamut space to another CMYK gamut space, while maintaining the integrity of the black channel. For example, offset printing data is automatically converted into gravure printing data

source: Chinese printing community

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