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Propylene oxide/polyether short-term review and April market outlook

I believe that some time ago, life was difficult for both propylene oxide and polyether

the weakness in the downstream and long-term hope make it difficult for the strong propylene oxide to firm at a high level. This is particularly evident in the North China and northeast markets: Although the local market has always maintained a high offer price, the fact is that it is the poor downstream of the region that will cause more low-cost ring C to flow to other markets. Dominoes have met the experiments of large and full-size samples. After falling, it seems that it is difficult for other regions to survive

"but this is definitely not normal. The reason for the low price is the poor demand for (local polyether). But I think the local low price supply will disappear in a short time. This is determined by the basic rules of domestic supply." A salesman from a factory in East China said confidently two weeks ago. It was also from this time that huanc stopped falling and stabilized. Why

powerful drug 1: raw materials rise! Jane sum, global head of propylene and costron cosmetics business, said: costron is a high-tech polymer company with an innovation history of 80 years. The bottom callback of liquid chlorine is almost the predicted resurrection of huanc factory: Shandong propylene has been callback from yuan/ton to yuan/ton, and the cost of huanc alone has increased by nearly 350 yuan/ton; The resurgence of liquid chlorine has increased the hardness of huanc discourse: yuan/ton back to yuan/ton, which has an increased cost of nearly a thousand yuan. Taken together, huanc plant naturally makes the downstream speechless

powerful medicine 2: more maintenance! Binhua minor repair, shidashenghua medium repair for more than ten days, and Dongchen overhaul for one month. The total monthly supply of this item will be reduced by nearly 7000 tons

from the appearance, polyether enterprises have no propylene oxide inventory, and most middlemen and downstream have no polyether inventory. The market looks forward to the real arrival of a wave of demand, which is only good news to support the market

powerful medicine 3: the outer market rose! The Saudi Arabian rabig refining and chemical Po plant will be overhauled for a long time in late April (say 70 days, say days). The BASF/Dow joint venture Singapore 250000 ton Po plant was unexpectedly shut down, and it is expected to take about a month. Considering that the exports of Saudi Arabia and Singapore to China have been in the top two for a long time, and these two sets of devices are the main shipments. According to rough statistics, the total domestic import volume will decrease by about 20000 tons from the beginning of the first quarter. It is believed that it is only a matter of time and space for the US gold market to rise, and the situation that the internal market is lower than the external market will continue

cyclopropane still works so hard to ensure profits. Polyether can't give up under low or even negative profits

although the decline of Takahashi in the early stage was a little sudden, the long-term silent market may have been expected. Although the factories in the market continue to use the high cost of raw materials and goods on hand as an excuse to not lower the ex factory offer price, in fact, the factories have followed up one after another, and are not inferior to Takahashi

although it has not been confirmed, the market rumors that Guangdong sponge manufacturers are going north still make market participants easily associate the words "low price" and "large order". It is no wonder that under the high inventory, manufacturers are also urgently seeking the return of funds. After half a month of low shipments, the pressure on some suppliers has been reduced to varying degrees

after a bad turn, Zhou chuhua's good and evil people mixed up with dongdachang's temporary non offer. Once it was announced, the market moved on the lookout. Even if the mid cap merchants and downstream companies are indifferent to this. But in fact, since yesterday afternoon, many middle and lower reaches have participated in the market, and they can also merge and open the data of the same experimental scheme conducted at different times or batches. However, there is still no lack of relatively neutral comments in the market: "in the face of the off-season starting in April, when the overall demand is insufficient, the price reduction can not stimulate the downstream demand. However, the small price increase is undoubtedly confirmed."

but it is worth noting that this month is not the peak season for the start-up and sales of sponges, and soft bubbles are naturally unpopular. However, a fire last year forced many exterior wall insulation projects in East China to shut down, and the refrigerator industry continues to be stimulated by the benefits of home appliances going to the countryside. On the whole, it will maintain a good growth trend this year

but on the whole, no matter how popular the upstream is, at present, only the demand of the domestic market can determine the trend. After entering the second quarter, the situation that the market can be distinguished between cold and warm may become more prominent: the upstream raw materials are hot, and the downstream demand is cold

generally speaking, the market in April has little room for correction, whether it is cyclopropane or polyether. However, the growth rate will also be limited due to the poor downstream

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