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The shortcomings of special paper

although the decorative effect of special paper is very strong and has many advantages, it also has shortcomings in meeting the current development needs of high efficiency, low pollution and low emission. (1) Expensive

ordinary embossing paper is twice as expensive as the paper with the same quantity. Therefore, it is rarely used for the printing of batch album, but mostly used in the cover or important materials

(2) easy to stick dirty

special paper has good absorption and strong penetration, but due to uneven lines, the ink penetrates into the gap during printing, which is difficult for people in large areas, especially; Standard low field version, difficult to dry, easy to stick dirty. Therefore, when printing four-color character images, the tone will be dull

(3) it is difficult to use four-color printing

when printing with colored special paper, it should be noted that the surface of dark special paper cannot be printed in four colors, but only metal ink or spot color ink can be printed

when printing four-color images on the surface of light color special paper, if printing according to the normal tone, the overall tone will be biased towards the color of the paper surface. Therefore, it is best not to use colored paper to print four colors in the design

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