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Good luck Futures: short covering oil prices rose slightly

after NYMEX crude oil prices fell sharply, some short covering oil prices rose slightly on Thursday. Its September contract opened at $124.37 and closed at $125.49, up $1.05 from the previous trading day. It is expected to adjust around $125 in the short term

the rebound in crude oil prices and Ford's loss of $8.7 billion in the second quarter blocked the rise of the U.S. stock market. The Dow fell 283.10 points, or 2.43%, while the S & P and Nasdaq fell 2.31% and 1.97% respectively. Data released by the National Association of Realtors on Thursday showed that U.S. home sales fell again in June, while the median housing price also fell, due to rising housing inventories. The data showed that the annual sales volume of existing houses in June was 4.86 million units, a decrease of 2.6% from the unadjusted 4.99 million units in May; The median housing price in June was $215100, down 6.1% from 22 in June 2007, but the proportion of extruder exports was still low at $9000; The median housing price in May this year was $207900. On the same day, the U.S. Department of labor announced that after seasonal adjustment, the number of first-time jobless claims for the week ended July 19 increased by 34000 to 406000, the highest level since September 2005. The decline of stock index and the deterioration of economic data restrained the rebound of the US dollar. On Thursday, the US dollar index rose only 0.037 points. Today, Nangang will produce a steel plate with multiple different product specifications to correspond to the orders of multiple users and other installation environment issues. The electronic disk began to fall, and the pressure on the US dollar callback is large

driven by the price of crude oil, the quotation of 180CST in Singapore paper market rose by US $16.50 to US $678/ton today. In the domestic market, fu0810, the main force of Shanghai oil company, rose only $8 today, and the market sentiment is slightly insufficient. However, the recovery of crude oil prices and surrounding markets may drive the rebound of the domestic fuel market. It is suggested to wait and see, and empty orders can be profitable

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